Abbie Abadir Australian TikTok star catfished by a Girl

Australian TikTok star Abbie Abadir has detailed the heart-wrenching experience of being catfished by a girl after she travelled to New Zealand to meet her “boyfriend” Jay – only to find that he didn’t exist.

Abadir, 22, believed for months that she was in a relationship with Jay, a man she met online. After making him moderator of her Live videos and introducing him to her friends on Instagram, the pair began messaging each other constantly.

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Things went well between them – better than any of her past relationships, in fact. But then Jay started becoming more possessive and controlling, telling her what clothes she could and couldn’t wear and who she could and couldn’t hang out with. He also made up excuses to avoid having to Facetime her.

It was only when Abadir travelled to New Zealand to meet Jay at a nightclub that she finally realised he was nothing more than a figment of her imagination.

When she asked him to come outside and see her, he told her he wasn’t there anymore and had changed clubs. Her friends soon woke her up to the fact that she had been catfished the whole time by a girl using her photos without her knowledge.

Abadir hopes that by sharing her story, she can help others become more aware of the dangers of catfishing. She cautions people against sharing too much personal information online, as it makes it easy for someone to create a fake persona and target them.