8 firefighters injured in truck fire collide in New York. when two fire Trucks in New Jersey collided as they were on their route to a fire.

On Saturday at 6 p.m. local time, two fire vehicles collided at the junction of Broadway and Straight St. while en route to an electronics store fire in Paterson.

How did the incident happen?

Three firemen were gravely injured Saturday night when two fire Trucks rushing through a New Jersey city collided on their way to extinguish flames engulfing a downtown business, according to city officials. 

Around 6:00 p.m., two fire department vehicles collided near Broadway and Straight Street while responding to a fire on Main Street, 8 firefighters were injured in a truck fire collide in New York. A truck was travelling down Broadway while another was travelling down Straight.

What’s is the Impact collision?

The Golden Mango supermarket was struck by one fire vehicle, while a tree was struck by the other

Store manager Riken Patel, who was inside Golden Mango early on Saturday evening, had a close encounter.

Fortunately, Patel moved from the scene of the accident because he was there when it happened.claimed he heard a loud noise and noticed the truck approaching.

A fire truck crashed right through the front of the store a few seconds later. Shoppers rushed for safety when the wall collapsed and the goods along it were scattered.

Fortunately, according to Patel, nobody was injured inside the crowded shop.

In the fire engine that hit the tree, there were at least eight firefighters from different departments who were sent to a nearby hospital.

According to officials, three of the group’s injuries were critical, while the other five were treated and released later that evening.

How could this have been prevented?

There are a few ways that the fire truck collision in New York could have been prevented. First, the firefighters could have been more careful when driving the trucks. They should have been paying attention to the road and watching for other vehicles.

Second, the fire trucks could have been equipped with better safety features. For example, they could have had sensors that would have warned the firefighters of an impending collision.

Third, the firefighters could have been trained better on how to avoid collisions. They should have known what to do to avoid a collision, such as how to brake properly or how to swerve out of the way.

Overall, there are a few ways that the fire truck collision in New York could have been prevented. If the firefighters had been more careful, if the trucks had better safety features, or if the firefighters had better training, the collision might not have happened.


The cause of the accident is still under investigation, but it appears that the fire truck was heading to an emergency call when it collided with the other vehicles. 8 firefighters were injured in a truck fire collide in New York and were all taken to local hospitals for treatment and are expected to recover.

This incident highlights the dangers that firefighters face every day as they work to keep our communities safe. Our thoughts are with the injured firefighters and their families during this difficult time.