The institution of Proctoral board is very old and has been very strong in establishment of discipline in the college. The post of Chief proctor has been ordained by Stalwart teachers of Bareilly College such as Dr Jyoti Swaroop, Dr S P Saxena, Dr P R Sahani, Dr K C Jaiswal and Dr Joga Singh. The College enjoy complete discipline. The girl students roam in the campus freely and there is no eve teasing in the campus. No vehicle of student is permitted in the campus. Outsiders are totally checked and their entry is prohibited. On both the barriers identity card checking is regularly done. The campus is fully at peace and there is admirable academic atmosphere in the campus. The students are strict tackled in the case of any indiscipline. The Proctoral board is maintaining strict discipline and students, staff and guardians fully appreciate their efforts.


  • General Rules:


    1. Students trying to use unfair means, misbehaving in the university examination will not be allowed admission in any discipline or courses in the college.
    2. The student who is a historysheeter or has been found guilty in any crime or is involved in any criminal case will not be allowed admission in any college. Incase they have been admitted their candidature is liable to be rejected without assigning any reason.
    3. In order to maintain discipline the principal of the college and VC of the university have the right to cancel the admission or readmission of any student without assigning any reason.
    4. Admission against the rules in any of the colleges will not be approved. The VC has the right to cancel the extra number of students admitted against the sanctioned seats by the university.
    5. The admission of the student will be cancelled and in future the student will not be admitted in college if found indulging in violence, goondaism, ragging or creating an atmosphere of criticism against the officers/staff members/proctorial board.
    6. F. Admission to B.Ed and M.Ed classes will be given on the basis of rules framed by the state Govt. and NCTE. In addition to the above rules set by the university, will also be applicable to the students of B.Ed and M.Ed.
    1. The admission in B.Ed and M.Ed will be according to the framed rules of the State Govt. and NCTE through the general rules of the university will also be effective. The examinees who have acquired 14 years of education at the graduation level in the year 1988 will not be eligible for admission to post graduation and 11+3 or 10+2+2 or 10+1+3. These students will have to appear for the bridge course according to the set syllabus. The students who have passed the graduation examination in 1987 or before it with the two year syllabus, need not follow the bridge course. These students who have completed one year post graduation programme, need not go for the bridge course for the second year of post graduation.
    2. The admission to B.Sc. I (Agriculture) will be on the basis of merit. The minimum qualification will be intermediate with agriculture or Intermediate (Science) or (Biogroup). The admission of those students who have passed intermediate with science (Maths group) will also be considered but their merit assessment will be done after deducting 5% marks from their merit list.
      Clarification: The condition for the mathematics subject will be applicable for the private students as well.
    3. Only those students except the SC/ST will be eligible for admission in B.Ed programme who have secured 45% marks in graduation.
    1. For admission in B.Ed the minimum qualification in graduation examination is 45% but is according to the rules of NCTE the students is not having 45% marks at the graduation level then he must have 45% marks in the post graduation level then he must 45 % marks in the post graduation examination of B.A./B.Sc./B.Com.
    2. For admission to M.Com. Previous thestudent should have passed the B.Com. examination will at least marks.

      This rule will be equally applicable for the private/regular students also. Any kind of diploma in B.Com. or M.Com from Board of Education Uttar Pradesh will not provide eligibility to the student for the admission. All former decisions that give validity to such kind of diplomas shall be deemed cancelled.

    3. BBA and BCA are equivalent to any other graduation degree of the university. The students of BBA are eligible for admission to M.Com. and M.A. Economics and BCA passed students are eligible for M.Sc. mathematics and Computer Science. The students of BBA/BCA are eligible for admission in any Post graduation programme or any other programme of the university in which the minimum qualification is Graduation. For BCA it is compulsory to pass Intermediate with mathematics.
    4. The students passing the graduation examination in single sitting outside university will not be eligible for any kind of educational programme of this university.
    5. These students who have passed the examination of Adib Kamil from Jamia-E-Urdu, Aligarli will not be eligible for any kind of educational programme of this university.
    6. These students who have passed the Intermediate Examination from U.P. Board will be given permission for admission to graduation classes. The respective board at the High School level will not affect their admission.
    7. Uttar Madhyama Examinations run by the UP Secondary Sanskrit education council, Sanskrit Bhawan, Lucknow is considered equivalent to intermediate examination. All such candidates are eligible for admission to courses at the graduate level.
    8. The candidates who have cleared Madhyama or Shastri examination from Sampurnanand and Sanskrit university, Varanasi will be eligible for admission to B.A./M.A Sanskrit.
      Clarification: Those student who have obtained the degree of Sanskrit and Shastri from Sampurnanad Sanskrit University Varanasi eligible for admission in B.Ed. The students will be able to do their teaching work in the subjects Hindi, Sanskrit and the subject mentioned in the Shastri degree.
    9. The name of the students who have passed graduation from the outside university will not be entertained as eligible for enrolment in single subject.
    10. Direct admission will not be permitted in any discipline where admission is through entrance examination. The candidate who has not appeared in the entrance exam will not be eligible for any condition.
    11. No student will the allowed admission in the next class unless he has passed the previous examination. The college Dept. will forward the form only after verifying the result of the previous examination.


  1. The principal has the right to deny admission to any students without explaining the reason and he may even cancel the admission.
  2. No student will be given admission as casual student.
  3. The fee once deposited will not be refunded.
  4. Any kind of weapon in the college is barred.
  5. The use of mobile phones in the college premises is not allowed. The use of cell phone is barred in the Principal’s office, during studies in classrooms, in seminars, conferences and in any other activity held in the auditorium.
  6. Mobile phones are not allowed during the time of examinations.
  7. 75% attendance of every student is compulsory.
  8. Smoking in the college premises, the use of drugs, splitting, making the college premises dirty by lettering papers and polyphones, making use of abusive language and misbehavior is strictly not allowed.
  9. According to the rules and regulations of the university the failed students will be admitted to the next close on the basis of improvement examination results.
  10. Generally the college runs from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. during which all classes are held according to the college time table.
  11. During the free period the students can go to library and avail the facilities of reading knowledge books, magazines and watching video films.
  12. It is expected from the student that they should contact the chief proctor / proctorial board / Dean Student welfare for the solution to any of their problems.
  13. If there is any specific problem of the students, they can fix the time and personally meet the chief proctor or the Principal.
  14. The HOD is authorized for the solution of departmental problems.
  15. For the solutions of the specific and general problems of the students – ‘The students Complaints Removal Committee’ of teachers is formed.
  16. The students (He/She) are expected to wear decent clothes in the college premise.
  17. It is important for the students studying in BBA, BCA and Vocational and Diploma Courses to take the entry card beside the identity card. Dress code is also imposed on all the students.




*Anti-Ragging Circulars




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