Established in the year 1932, the PG dept. of English enjoys a pride of place in the history of Bareilly College, Bareilly.
The English Department of Bareilly College, Bareilly has ever been blessed with an aura of grandeur since times immemorial. A galaxy of literacures has adorned the name of the department by their unrelenting zeal for research and teaching. The literary ambience which it has possessed for long has been acclaimed far and wide. Not an exaggeration to say that the Dept. has represented the glory of English literature through its scholars. A brief introduction to these stalwarts would be a tribute to them. To begin with, Prof. A.C.Dutta, we feel honored as he was not only the first Head of the PG Dept. of English established in 1932 but the first Indian Principal of this prestigious institution as well. Then there was Prof. A.K. Dasgupta a renowned figure, who went abroad around the Second World War on army duty and meanwhile Prof. D.C.Sharma was given the charge of Dept.. He came back and after his retirement, handed over the baton of Dept. to a literary doyen, Prof. R.A. Mishra, who was then the only D.Litt. in the entire Rohilkhand Region, when the college was associated with Calcutta University. He became the Prof. of Emeritus also. Prof. Mishra was an aristocrat in both personality and expression. This period was the golden period of the Dept., as the Dept. was a galaxy of bright stars and the most sparkling was Prof. D.C. Mishra every inch a Britisher in his attire and attitude both. The constellation had Prof. D. Raj, Prof. G.P. Johri, Prof. J.N. Mundra, Prof. M.M. Guptara, Prof. R.P. Johri, Prof. O.P. Saxena and Prof. Rashad Wajid & 8Chaman Lal Sahai brightening the sky of knowledge and dedication both. The dept. had two lady lecturers as well Prof. Deepali Sanyal and Dr. Sudarshana Diwedi. Then it was the turn of Prof. M.H. Khan- a man of towering personality, who became the Head of the dept. After that Prof. Kripanandan, a great socialist and a man known for his secular attitude headed the dept. Dr. VN Saxena their contemporary was a remarkable personality for his humour, wit and oratorial talent. It is an irreparable loss to the society that these great personalities are now no more. Next in easteem is Dr. K.K. Kapoor a versatile genius who has English literature on his finger tips. You name it, he has it, words are too weak to portray his powerful vocabulary and talent. He headed the dept. for a very long period, nearly 20 years. Dr. S.C. Mundra has been known as a great scholar and seasoned grammarian. A dedicated and meticulous teacher whose name has reached for and wide through his books. Prof. Choudhary simplicity incarnate was a real gem in the dept. He will always be remembered for his child like wonder and fascinating smile on his face while he was teaching Shakespeare.
Apart from its glorious heritage, its present status is also worthy of note.  Department is presently headed by Dr. Purnima Anil and among its members are Dr. Rajan Sharma, Dr. Madhukar Bansal, Dr. Chary Mehrotra, Dr. Kamni Kumar, Dr. Gunjan Saxena, Dr. Tripti Seth & Dr. Seema Srivastava

*56th All India English Teachers' Conference (18-20 Dec 2011)




Faculty Members

Dr (Mrs) Poornima Anil (In Charge)
Dr Rajan Sharma
Dr Charu Mehrotra
Dr Kamini Kumar
Dr (Mrs) Gunjan Saxena (MANDEYA POST)
















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